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MD-01 on the Via Alpina with Remi Vanderhaegen

- Throughout my hiking journey amidst the breathtaking Alps, the MD-01’s proved to be an absolute game-changer. I appreciated their outstanding performance in tackling diverse weather conditions and rugged terrains. From shielding my eyes against the intense alpine sun to effortlessly enduring unexpected weather shifts, these sunglasses truly held their ground, enhancing both my safety and enjoyment during my adventure -

 Close up of Kmoshon sunglasses from the side worn by a man in a cap


 - the KMOSHON MD-01 sunglasses left a lasting positive impression on me as I was exploring the wonders of the Alps. Their exceptional performance in shielding my eyes from harsh elements and providing comfort during extended wear made them reliable for my hiking endeavours on the Via Alpina. Although an initial issue with loose temples required some adjustment, the sunglasses' overall functionality and suitability for outdoor activities earned my appreciation and trust, making them an indispensable part of my adventure -